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Food & Drink

Highlands Tavern

Attached Bar/Lounge
Call: (207) 723-9746

  • Pool Table
  • ATM Machine
  • Great Beer and Wine Selections
  • Bar Menu Available (Chinese Restaurant Selections)/Full Menu Available Upon Request.
  • Pamola Shuttle(207) 731-6663 open daily from 730am-2am (before 730am by appointment only) $9 a trip in town ($1 for each additional person) $15 to Smith pond. $20 to the Big Moose Restaurant. ($3 a mile after on dirt roads) Park gate $30 ($5 a mile after) $40 to Abol bridge ($5 a mile after) $15 to Turkey Tail Road ($3 a mile on dirt) $15 to East Millinocket $2 a mile past East.

Hang Wong Restaurant

Attached Chinese Restaurant

Call: (207) 723-6084

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